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Repertoire: 2014-2015
 • The House of Bernarda Alba
A Spanish classic-sensuous and perceptive By Federico García Lorca
Translated by: Rivka Meshulah
Costume: Judith Aharon
Following her husband's funeral, Bernarda Alba imposes eight years of mourning on her five unmarried daughters, during which they are forbidden to leave the house. The daughters find it difficult to accept this harsh decree. Their total isolation and the prohibitions that bind themextinguishthe last glimmer of hope for marriage. The house thatconfines themrapidly becomes a simmeringpressure cooker. Fierce desires, mounting bitterness, envy and frustration lead each of the daughters to rebel against their domineering mother in her own way. One of the greatest plays written in the 20th The House of Bernada Alba keeps the audience riveted until its disturbing conclusion. This fascinating play, written by the famous Spanish poet and play writer Federico García Lorca, addresses issues of political oppression, the break-up of a family and man's struggle 
Cast: Idit Teperson, Shiri Golan-Rotenberg, Naama Shabtai, Ora Meirson, Orly Tobaly, Avigail Harari, Liraz Chamami, Yael Eitan, Liron Ben-Zaken, Orel Maor. 
As the lament group: Graduated and students of the L&L Goodman acting school of the Negev.
• Indecent Proposal
A disturbingmodern drama based on the well-known novel by Jack Engelhard By Eyal Kentov, based on the novel by Jack Engelhard
Costume: Mony Madnik
Michael and Joanneare a young couple deeply in love, who live in a small rented apartment  in New Jersey, USA. One day, a golden opportunity comes their way: to purchase their dream house at a bargain price. Unfortunately they can’t even afford the asking price. In a desperate attempt to obtain the money needed to buy the house, they travel to Atlantic City where they gamble away all their savings. Just as it seems that their dream is falling apart, they meet a mysterious, charming millionaire who makes them an offer that could change their lives: a million dollars for one night with Joanne. It’s an offer they cannot refuse... or perhaps they can?
The play confronts the audience with difficult dilemmas regarding intimacy and relationships in the modern age, as well as the role of money in determining a person's happiness. What would we do for a million dollars? Would we endanger that which is most precious to us in order to win the jackpot? And if so, what would the consequences be? These and other questions are present throughout the play, right up to its surprising ending. 
The novel was adapted for the screen in 1993 in a movie starring Demi Moore, Woody Harelson and Robert Redford, and was a box office hit.
Cast: Shiri Gadni, Tom Hagi, Sharon Alexander, Itay Polishuk, Amitay Yaish
• Romeo and Juliet
The greatest love story of all time, in modern dress By William Shakespeare
Translated by: Eli Bijaoui
Director: Irad Rubinstein 
Costume: Maor Zabar
Choreography: Amit Zamir
Stage fights: Uri Bostan
A scorching summer in Verona. Two rival families, the Capulets and the Montagues, renew  an old dispute and violence erupts on the streets. On the other side of town, 14- year old Juliet falls in love with Romeo at first sight. But Juliet is a Capulet and Romeo is a Montague, and theirs is a forbidden love which can only lead to death. Inthe space of three days, the greatest love story of all time comes to an end. In order to realize their love, Romeo and Juliet fight against all odds, against all the rules, on a path of blood and fire, up until the bitter end. 
Romeo and Juliet, perhaps the most famous play in the world, has been firing the imagination of its audiences for over 400 years. With the courage and wisdomcharacteristic of Shakespeare, it deals with fate, social norms, the struggle between generations, the aggression inherent in man, and above all, the power of love to give life and cause death.
Cast: Avigail Harai, Tom Avni, Tom Hagi, Yogev Yefet, Amit Epstein, Oren Cohen, Amir Krief, Michal Weinberg, Adva Adani, Sarit Vino-Elad, Moli Shulman, Ron Bitterman, Nitzan Rotschild, Eliran Harus. 
• Chapter Two
A funny, touching romantic comedy
Costume: Mony Madnik
George, recently widowed, is returning from a recuperative trip abroad. Jennie, recently divorced, is on her way back from a recuperative visit to her parents. After considerable pressure from his brother Leo and her best friend Faye, they meet and fall in love, but life is no honeymoon for the new couple. Their attempts to free themselves from Chapter One and to begin Chapter Two of their lives generate hilarious and movingsituationson stage.
This wonderful play, written by the master of human comedy Neil Simon (Biloxi Blues, Brighton Beach Memoirs, Lost in Yonkers), has been staged in the past in Israel and abroad, and a screen version has been produced starring Marsha Mason and James Caan. 
Cast: Michal Yanai, Amir Krief, Yossi Mrashak, Adva Adani
• We Don'tDuelNowadays
A stage production of stories from The Stories of Vladimir Nabokov, by the Great Russian 
writer Vladimir Nabokov
Director: Shir Goldberg
Costume: Maor Zabar
Choreography: Sharon Gal
Music: Daniel Solomon
An entertaining and touching adaptation of three short stories that depict the lives of Russian immigrants in Berlin in the 1930’s. Anton Petrovich returns home after an out of townbusiness trip to find his best friend, Berg, dressing in the bedroom, while his wife, Tanya, is taking a shower. With the help of his friends Mityushin and Gnushke, he challenges Berg to a duel.
Pilgram, an aging store-owner, dreams of leaving his store, his wife and his life behind him and setting out on a long trek in search of red-eyed, half- transparent or multi-tailed Lev, who lives in Berlin, has not seen his brother Serafim, who lives in Russia, for over ten years. A surprise phone call announces that his brother is in Berlin and wishes to meet him. During their short encounter, they are forced to face the distance and strangeness between them that is difficult to overcome.
The stories are intertwined and take place over the course of one week, during which each character attempts to change his situation and his life, each in his own way. The longing for "another world" drives the characters to extreme, surprising acts, which alter their lives 
Cast: David Kigler, Amir Krief, Michal Weinberg, Avital Pasternak, Zohar Meydan, Yuval Karmi, Amit Epstein, NofarEldis
• Selichot
A moving Israeli comic drama By Hana Azoulay-Hasfari
Set & Costume: Judith Aharon
One day Massouda Ohana hands her house back to the Amidar-housing company and disappears. Her four daughters come from all over the country to her home in the small town: Malka, a housewife; Evelyn, a devoutly religious follower of the Shas party and mother of eight daughters; Fanny, a sexy businesswoman; and Amira, an unsuccessful student of cinema. There they must find their mother, empty the house they grew up in and spend Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, together. While they are packing, memories surface, relationships intensify and secrets are revealed. At the end of the day, they discover that even though they grew up with the same mother, each of them in fact had a different mother. 
A funny, moving play thatcandidly touches on many loaded family issues: child-parent relations, female jealousy, the generation gap, and painful secrets concealed in the recesses 
Cast: Evelin Hagoel, Orly Tobaly, Maayan Turgeman, Yael Eitan.