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Season: 2015-16
• Harold and Maude
A moving comic dramaby Colin Higgins
Translated: IdoRicklin
Director: Rafi Niv
Set: Eran Atzmon
Costume: MonyMadnik
Lighting: Ziv Voloshin
A moving dramatic comedy, brimming with joie de vivre. The play centres on a strange couple. Harold is a teenage boy who has the original hobby of attending funerals. Though an elderly woman, Maude is a rebel and nonconformist who lives in an old trailer, models in the nude for artists and steals cars for fun.
Maude teaches Harold to enjoy life and live for the here-and-now, and the love between them quickly blossoms. The movie, directed by Hal Ashby, became one of the greatest cult movies of all time and also appeared as a novel and a successful play, adapted by Ashby. In the early 1970’s the play was stagedwith great success at the Be’er Sheva Theatre starring Jetta Luka and Doron Tabori.
In the lead roles: Liat Goren, Tom Hagi
• A Winter Funeral
A crazy comedy that will have you in stitches By Hanoch Levin
Director: Udi Ben-Moshe
Latshek's elderly mother has died and he sets out to inform his family of the funeral. The timing, however, is not so convenient: His aunt, Sheratzia, and uncle, Rashes, are busy with the final preparations for their daughter Velvetsia's wedding, which is to take place the following day. They are determined at all cost to avoid hearing the bad news that will ruin their plans. After all, "you can't throw four hundred guests and eight hundred chickens into the garbage and give up a warm wedding with meat and cognac for the sake of therainy funeral of a little old lady".

The problem becomes more acute as Latshek shows his determination to save his mother from a second death – of being forgotten – and pursues his family to the ends of the earth to tell them about his mother's death and invite them to the funeral. 

This is one of the most brilliant, scathing family comedies penned by Hanoch Levin. 
• Blood Wedding
A daring, contemporary production of a classic drama By Federico García Lorca
Director: KfirAzulay
Set & costumes: Judith Aharon
Music: Jasmin Even & Eladadar
The Spanish poet and playwright Federico García Lorca wrote one of the greatest works of  century as a result of a small item he read in the newspaper: "Two young men died last night. The event occurred when a bridegroom pursued his bride, who had run off with her former fiancé on their wedding day. One more death in a bloody cycle." (Andalusia, 1929)
The bride and her sweetheart, Leonardo, share a deep but unfulfilled love: Leonardo is married to the bride's cousin, and she herself is to be wed to another– the last member of a family in which all of the sons had been killed in the past by members of Leonardo's family. 
The youthful love in the hearts of Leonardo and the bride becomes a tidal wave that crashes into their lives and destroys all social rules: On her wedding night the bride flees with Leonardo toward the future of their choice.The family of the humiliated groom follows in furious pursuit, seeking to avenge his honor. The merciless chase prevents them from realizing their dream and leads them to their unavoidable fate.