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The Beer Sheva Fringe Theatre
The Be’er Sheva Fringe Theatre- Creating a different culture
The Fringe Theatre was established in 2010 as a non-profit NGO by local creative artists with the support of the city's mayor, Mr. Rubik Danilovich, the Goodman”Acting School in the Negev, Kivunim Ltd. and the Be’er Sheva Theatre. Its conception is based on a belief that a major urban center needs an alternative theatre that will promote the art and creativity of local artists.
The theatre is a natural continuation for graduates of art schools in the Negev. The theatre provides graduates opportunities for work and experience, thus helping retain local creative talent. It has become a home for a new generation of entrepreneurs, creative minds and artists from a variety of fields and is an integral part of the vision of Be’er Sheva as a cultural metropolis.
The Fringe’s overarching objective is to create a contemporary, high quality cultural alternative that is accessible to the Negev’s extremely diverse community. The Fringe's versatile content and affordable tickets enable everyone, regardless of cultural or socio-economic background, to access, experience and enjoy the performing arts.
The Fringe Theatre is situated in the heart of Be’er Sheva’s Old City and is a hub of creativity, artistic and visual expression as well as a theatre venue. It includes a core team of approximately 10 young, dynamic and highly motivated staff who work alongside some 30 writers, actors and other artists. They work on tight budgets, passionately providing the young artistic community a place of self expression and of social-cultural influence. Moreover, the Fringe Theatre acts as a multi-disciplinary center by both creating and hosting high quality shows of music, dance and arts from all parts of Israel.
Each year since its foundation, over 150 cultural events from theatre, dance, mime, music, and improvisation have been presented in the center. The theatre presents five original productions and four children’s plays by its permanent ensemble of actors.  These artists combine their work at The Fringe with volunteering in the community as well as providing a professional improvisation group.
Visitors can enjoy art exhibitions in the foyer of the Fringe and attend various outdoor events in the adjacent courtyard of the theatre. The flagship project is the annual “B7 – Fringe Festival,” a colorful, high quality, live and alternative festival which presents over 16 dance, music and theatre shows over 3 days in the streets of the Old City.
The establishment of the Fringe in the Old City has sparked a renaissance in this previously neglected area of the city. Cafes, bars, a student village and other activities have been developed and opened in the immediate vicinity around the theatre. There has been a steady increase in young people moving to this area and their energy and entrepreneurial impact is readily seen.
The Fringe Theatre started as a seed of alternative, innovative and artistic expression for artists and creators, but its results are affecting the entire population of residents. The Fringe serves as a catalyst for the renewal, growth and redevelopment of Beer-Sheva’s unique and strategic Old City.
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