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Theatre Center of Excellence
Theatre Center of Excellence – a Theatre that comes all the way to you
The Theatre Center of Excellence was founded by the Be’er Sheva City Council in collaboration with the Goodman Acting School and the Be’er Sheva Theatre.  It is part of a master plan called “Be’er Sheva as a municipal area for nurturing excellence.” This concept is based on the perception of the municipal space as providing a network of learning opportunities.
The values guiding the Center of Excellence are educational perceptions which encourage excellence whilst expanding, empowering and deepening the city’s residents exposure to the world of culture and the arts.
Art gives flavor, content and meaning to human life. It reflects the values of a society as well as assists in their formation. It provides each individual with tools for critical observation of their own life, and creates space for personal and social dialogue. The arts are essential for any healthy society as they enable social sensitivity, solidarity and acceptance of the other. Education in the arts enhances creative imagination, the design-esthetic and the emotional-critical and social outlook.
The Theatre brings together versatile arts such as painting and music. Beyond this, as a “living art” the observer becomes an active partner, contributing to the consciousness of the individual.
Main goal:

A long term comprehensive and systematic program, extending from kindergarten through senior high-school, (ages 5-18), divided into three stages: Exposure, Profundity and Research.
  1. Exposure to and participation in all aspects of the performing arts: Acting, creative writing, drama, directing, etc. – alongside the development of socially sensitive activities.
  2. Providing an outlet for gifted students in the performing arts with support from the best teachers in their fields.
  3. Expanding schools and kindergartens activity in various educational frameworks in Be’er Sheva through involvement of actors and creators in community activity at schools and the various municipal centers.
  4. Exposing the city’s children to the range of resources and institutes and their activities in performing arts (Acting School, University, Theatre, Youth Centers, etc.).
  5. Expanding the Theatre teaching profession of the various stage aspects: directing, play-writing and production.  The aim is to expand Theatre Studies to constitute matriculation points and thus gain professional level in this field.
The Center operates in three circles:
  • The Circle of exposure and activity – brings together all students – from kindergarten to senior high-school through some 1500 versatile plays, activities and workshops from various disciplines of theatre: Mime, street theatre, improvisation, screen acting, theatre makeup, story-theatre, masks, musicals gatherings, etc. The activities reach into the educational institutions throughout the city, adapted for various ages, and create dialogue, space and activity which bond the “experience” with “social activity”. To date over 2800 children and youth have participated.
  • The Circle of profundity – enables students in the 4th – 9th grade, approximately 200 participants, interested in expanding their knowledge, to participate in theatre in after-school activity, which combines theoretical studying with practical experience in theatre and stage. Through dialogues, the connection between social themes and values and art intensifies leading to volunteering, social entrepreneurship, social justice and sustainable social change.
  • Excellence Circle (research) – students in the 9th – 12th grade, 250 so far, demonstrated specific talents in the field and were invited to participate in the “Be’er Sheva Youth Group”. This group receives classes from the best teachers and directors of the Goodman Acting School, nurturing their talent and creativity whilst promoting social awareness.
The Center also provides subscriptionsfor the children and youth seriesand subsidizes Gold Youth Subscriptions to all Beer Sheva’s  students, in the 10th-12th grades, granting unlimited entry to the plays presented by the Beer Sheva Theatre, the Fringe Theatre and the Goodman Acting School, on  an availability basis.
The Theatre Center of Excellence is one of Be’er Sheva’s Theatre and the Goodman School of Acting flagship programs, a venue for personal development, excellence, expression, creativity, and above all – development of values, social sensitivity and initiative.